We are now offering Online Giving! Click the link below to sign up and begin contributing automatically to our parish. This convenient new system does not require you to contact your bank to sign up or to make changes. You can use any of your checking or savings accounts and the funds will be automatically transferred to our parish bank account. This system is more convenient for the parish than electronic checks from your bank and it's convenient for you because you can make changes at any time. You can see reports on your contribution history and generate tax statements at each year's end. Check it out at the link below.



It is almost Fish Fry time again. The St. Rocco Fish Fry will start on March 3rd and run every Friday through April 14th. The meals are $10.00 and they are  Fried Flounder, Baked Cod, Shrimp or Pierogi Dinners. Meals include coleslaw, French fries or Pierogi dessert and coffee. A la cart menu available. 



If you are went to or graduated from  St. Rocco School or if you know someone  from our school but does not belong to our Parish or simply has moved out of the area, please let them know that we are asking all ALUMNI to register themselves with our office. This year is the 90th Anniversary of the school and we would like to make it a memorable year for the school Alumni and the Parish. If you would like to make sure we have you on file for invitations and updates for the year PLEASE either fill out an ALUMNI sheet or call the office and we will take care of you. 

Thank you and be sure to look for more information on our first event.



The Cleveland Museum of Art exhibit on Opulent Fashion in the Church is going on now through September 24, 2017. One of the displays is the Altar Frontal of the Order of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Mercy from the 1700s. Visit the link below to see all the beautiful art.  



The work on the church floor has begun. Daily and weekend Masses will now be celebrated in the Parish Center. The Sacrament of Penance (Confessions) will also be offered there as scheduled. We trust in your patience and ask your cooperation during this time while the Church building is not in use. Thank you.



According to the Universal Law of the Church, The pastor of a parish must offer one of the Sunday Masses "For the People"or as in Latin, " Pro Populo". The Pro Populo Mass cannot be celebrated somewhere other than the parish church nor can it be offered on a day other than Sunday or the Holy Day of obligation. Respecting this obligation,and with the new Sunday schedule of Masses beginning in January 2017, the number of Masses available for your scheduling has been become limited. Canon Law does permit that twice a week, a Collective Mass" may be offered. In order to help accommodate the overwhelming demand of Mass intentions on Sunday we will begin in January 2017 to offer two Missa Collectiva's per weekend as necessary. The person(s) requesting/scheduling the Mass intentions for the Collective Masses, need to be aware and agree that there may be more than one intention at their scheduled Mass. The Missa Collectiva may never be at the Pro Populo Mass.




Anyone over the age of reason (7 years of age and older) wishing to be Baptized, should contact the Parish Office as soon as possible so as to be Baptized at the Easter Vigil, April 15th. Those who wish to be fully received into the Church (receiving all the Sacraments of Initiation) are also invited to call the Parish Office for more information.



Order forms are available in the Church or the Parish Office for those who would like to order a space "In Memory" of a deceased loved one on the extended Memorial Wall at the Blessed Virgin's Shrine on the North Side of the Church. There are two sizes available: 9"x12" for $499.00 each, and 18"x24" for $2,999. each. Once we have all the spaces filled, we will install the Memorial Wall.



The St. Rocco Food Pantry will distribute food the second and fourth Friday of every month from 9:00am - 11:00am.  We will be accepting donations of canned and non-perishable food items the last Sunday of each month.  We are counting on your charitable generosity to help those families struggling to provide food for a healthier family



Anyone wishing to join our great parish, please call the parish office at 216-961-8331 and become part of a great community and family!!



Anyone interested in learning more about the preschool or day care program we have here at St. Rocco please feel free to call Mrs. Reese at the childhood center at 216-961-9920. She will be happy to answer all your questions or give you a tour!!




The Mercedarian Order will be celebrating its 800th Anniversary of Foundation in 2018. In preparation for that Jubilee Year, each preceding year has been dedicated to a proper devotion of the Order. 


 This year is dedicated to Christ, the Redeemer: The last year in preparation for the 800th Jubilee of the Order's Foundation ( 1218-2018 ). Christ Jesus is the image of the invisible God: Christ Jesus is the Face of the Father: Christ Jesus is our Redeemer who has ransomed us from the slavery of sin and the snares of the from living as a "free" child of God. For more information about the 800th Jubilee of the Order of Mercy go to :






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Sunday, 7:30am, 9:30am, and 12:00pm




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